Matagamon Lake
Association, Inc.

Water Flow Data for the East Branch of the Penobscot River

Updated March 8, 2017
CFS = Cubic Feet  per Second

East Branch Penobscot River

Matagamon Dam @ 867  cfs

Flows can be changed often due to spring melt

Ice out date  ???? (When it occurs)

Webster Stream @ 295 cfs

Telos Dam 

flow updates: Check by email-

Thanks to all who have helped our non profit corp. in maintaining the dam through your contributions.

The Flow data for Webster Stream is now controlled by The Allagash Waterway, Telephone # (207) 941-4014

For USGS water flow taken at Grindstone

For USGS water flow for Sebois River

Canoeing flows: (cfs) for the East Branch of the Penobscot
0-200cfs        Passable but thin
200-650        Medium
650 & 900    Good (ideal)

Over 1000 cfs--check with Dam

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